Dentures and Partials in Cerritos, CA

Dentures and Partials

Missing teeth can negatively impact your appearance and compromise overall health. Don't settle for an incomplete smile. Let Dr. Urban and Cerritos Southcoast Dental restore your oral comfort, function, and appearance with custom dentures.

Dr. Urban may suggest an upper, lower, or a full set of dentures, depending upon your unique situation. Dentures contain prosthetic teeth to mimic a natural smile and restore total oral function. You'll never again cover your mouth when you smile or compromise a healthy diet. Best of all, you'll smile with confidence, knowing that you look sensational. If you're concerned about denture stability, ask Dr. Urban about implant-supported dentures.

A partial denture often called a partial, restores smiles that have some healthy teeth remaining. Where missing teeth leave gaps, a partial provides prosthetic teeth that fit like a puzzle piece with existing teeth. Your partial will be secured with hidden clasps that attach to neighboring teeth.

Why live without a complete smile? Call Cerritos Southcoast Dental today to schedule your dentures or partial consultation with Dr. Urban. We give patients from Cerritos, Lakewood and surrounding communities personalized care and sensational smiles!

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