New Patient Information

When You Arrive…

Our caring front-office staff will reserve an hour for your initial consultation and exam. Please bring completed new patient forms to your appointment so that you don't have to fill them out at our dental office. We’ll give you a welcome letter and informational brochure if you didn't receive one prior to your appointment. Enjoy our refreshments as we review your paperwork and answer questions for you.

You'll meet either Dr. Carlos Compean or Dr. Mary Compean and discuss the reasons for your visit, as well as your concerns and expectations.

Your Exam

Either Dr. Carlos Compean or Dr. Mary Compean will conduct a thorough examination of your smile. He'll assess the integrity of existing dental work and check for tooth decay. We will provide an oral cancer screening and we will assess your gums for signs of periodontal disease. A complete set of digital X-rays will provide a comprehensive view of your teeth and supporting structures. We also may use a small intraoral camera as a visual aid during the exam.

Treatment Planning

Following your exam, either Dr. Carlos Compean or Dr. Mary Compean will use your intraoral photos and X-rays to explain his or her findings and then they work with you to plan treatment. We want to explain your options and help you decide how to accomplish your goals.

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