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Patient Comfort Features

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At our warm, inviting dental center, we offer spa dentistry to deliver the luxurious, soothing experience you deserve. Our team provides deluxe amenities on par with your favorite spa to create a peaceful, calming environment. Come in for your personalized dental care and experience spa dentistry at its finest.

  • iPods with personalized music selections: Relax and enjoy your favorite music on an iPod during your appointment.
  • Dental chairs with memory-foam pads: Sink into total comfort when you sit in our treatment chair, enhanced with a state-of-the-art memory foam pad.
  • Scented neck pillows: Experience the luxury of a warm, gently scented pillow to support your neck during your dental visit. Don't be surprised if you fall asleep!
  • Movie goggles: Wear a pair of virtual reality goggles and watch a current or classic movie from our extensive collection. Dentistry and a movie - what a combination!
  • Eye shades: If you're sensitive to light, you'll appreciate eye shades that block light to promote relaxation.

Why settle for a less-than-you-deserve dental visit? Call Cerritos Southcoast Dental today to schedule your spa dentistry appointment. We give patients from Cerritos and surrounding areas personalized care and sensational smiles!

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